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Waxing Tips:

  • Post waxing services your follicles remain open and when you apply heavy creams, oils and powders they clog your pores and can create ingrown hairs. 

  • Wait at least 24 hours to exfoliate after a wax. 

  • We recommend NOT going into hot tubs, pools, lakes and such about 12 to 24 hours post service. (Again due to open pores that you’ll want to remain clean)

  • Try and wear looser clothing for a day. Tight clothes and panties might chafe the skin and may cause it to rash out.  If you can go panty free, do it (good excuse to go ‘commando’).

Ingrown Hairs:

  • Some skin types are more prone than others. If you get an ingrown hair we have a product we can recommend that will help alleviate them. Some at home ideas to prevent them are to treat the area with acne spot treatment medicine. Exfoliate the area. Don’t alternate shaving and waxing, this will cause ingrown hairs, If you shave use a clean blade EVERY time, OR better yet, change to waxing and stop shaving all together.

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